Share Game - Play Battl io game Online is a top-down .io shooting game that will surely get you hooked! It is similar to the very popular Before playing, you can choose one of six available weapons and an armor level. Your choice will determine your combat style and the game can be further personalized to your taste. Are you going to be a pistol user with a light armor to move swiftly or are you going to choose a machine gun with heavy armor to deal massive damage? You can also acquire new skills as you eliminate enemies! If you like, make sure to also check out the full list of .io games! is an online game that you can play on 4J.Com for free. Choose a color, pick a gun and attack other players. The more you attack, the stronger you will be. Game Developers : is developed by two friends. Their favorite games are highly skill based (e.g. Counterstrike) and let players be creative with different classes and gadgets (e.g. Battlefield). The developers drew inspiration from these two kinds of game play and combined them in this top-down shooter. Game Instructions : Use WASD to move around the arena and use the left mouse button to shoot. Control: Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot more. | gun game | | | | | | | deeeep io | blockor io | hordes io |